Since '98 I've spent more than 10K+ hours crafting UIs, writing, debugging and fine tuning code. Qbasic coding (Mini Games, Typing Tutor, Interactive Periodic Table, Ringtone Maker, Text Editor, Drawing pad), MS-Dos Batch Programming & owning a colorful blinking HTML web pages were fun activities during those Geocities days! At present, I make web and mobile apps as a Full Stack Developer consultant. I develop and maintain Online Baghchal (real-time version of two player board game from Nepal) with Node.js, MongoDB as a hobby.

PyroCMS v2.x Developer/CodeIgniter v2.x (Worked 5+ years on it), #PHP2002Club
May be your legacy codebase needs an eye?

I am always open about opportunities to join forces REMOTELY as a technical co-founder or Web Developer, FT or on contract.

  • I'm taking new projects Drop an Email!
  • Add me on Skype to have a chat, my Skype ID is: bhu1st
  • My mother-tongue is Nepali though English has been the primary language in writing and
    during 16+ years of formal education. So besides PHP & JavaScript we can talk about English too.

Tech Fluency

Full Stack (LAMP), OOP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, jQuery
PHP, CodeIgniter, PyroCMS v2.x (CodeIgniter), WordPress, MySQL, SQLite, PgSQL, MongoDB
JSON, XML, RESTFul Web Services, Microservices, AWS/S3, Git, Bash
PayPal, Braintree, Stripe Integration. Any kind of third-party REST/SOAP API/Web Service integration.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), Social Media Marketing (SEM)
Native Android with JAVA, Digital Logics & Electronics
Embedded System / uC programming (Keil), Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Github, Bitbucket, JIRA, Trello, Google Docs, Ms-Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Page Maker
Dos, Ms-paint, WordPerfect, dBase :)

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I hired Bhupal Sapkota to design and develop our website’s complex merchant system, requiring numerous payment options with several commodity types, for my XAT testing project on a custom PHP and mySQL platform. Bhupal’s proficiency with his design & programming skills, and his ability to carefully listen and efficiently act on my company’s evolving needs, has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. I recommend Bhupal highly for any project that requires the very best in payment gateway integration execution.

Tom Urtis
CEO, Atlas Programming
I worked with Bhupal in two projects. For the 1st time Bhupal worked for my organization while we were supporting to National Information Commission by making their website. being satisfied with the work, I worked second time with Bhupal to reconstruct our website Mr. Sapkota is very dedicated on his work and punctual to complete his responsibility. He is very dynamic and innovative. I strongly recommend him for any professional work within his working area.

Tanka Aryal
Executive Director
Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI)

Work, 2019
My personal website, upgraded to use Leonids Jekyll theme.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, 2018
Website for SapkotaKalyanKendra NGO.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, 2018
Genealogy/Family Tree Software for record keeping of Sapkota family ancestry.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, 2017 (Bay Area, CA)
Atlas Programming Management is a business solutions consultancy specializing in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel. I fixed their WordPress website bugs and integrated Stripe/PayPal on their Test Taking Platform
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Stripe API, PayPal Standard, 2017
Local News Website developed on WordPress.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress theming and Plugin development

Bloomfieldx, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA)
Developed a business website highlighting company's services, offerings, partners and customers. Customized a multi-purpose Bootstrap based WordPress theme to suit business needs.
Tech: PHP, MySql, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, 2017 (El Cerrito, CA)
Bay Area Nepali Women Organization (BANWO) is 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Nepalese moms residing in the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to provide their children a complete cultural experience and value in Nepali language and tradition established BANWO and are working together towards the goal.
Tech: WordPress, jQuery, HTML/CSS/PHP, 2016 (Oakland, CA)
BefitMom is an online store dedicated to helping women stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy. I provided support on technical issues. Optimized website performance and SEO. Built new features as required. Fixed security issue etc.

City Brand Media, 2015 (Oakland, CA)
City Brand Media has 100+ Geo Domains across US cities. I worked on core platform and automated the website development process and reduced a week worth of CRUD activity to few second of automated script on Linux server.

OneHood, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA)
Advertisement Platform for SMBs. Built Web & Mobile apps from scratch and assisted company in launching their MVP.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Native Android app development

GrowthZilla, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA)
Developed Android & Amazon Fire TV Kiosk App.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, Android JAVA, 2015 (Kathmandu, NP)
Developed Android app with all of the online blog's content on AppYet platform. Was popular among 10K+ mobile users.
Tech: Appyet, XML, RSS, 2015 (Kathmandu, NP)
Developed Android app with all of the online/print magazine's content on AppYet platform. Was popular among 10K+ mobile users.
Tech: Appyet, XML, RSS, 2014 (Kathmandu, NP)
Developed a college website with features for assignment submission, examination and result publication, attendance management, a discussion forum and more. It's one of the first deployed college system using CAMS platform.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, 2014 (Kathmandu, NP)
Built a informational website for FOCOL Nepal which highlighted organization's activities.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap

GDG DevFest, 2014 (Kathmandu, NP)
Devfests are Google's official community run developer events. I built promotional website with workshops, training sessions and speaker highlights.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap

MyLabBox, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA)
Marketplace for Sexual Health Kits. Integrated third party storage and lab test service provider APIs to the core wordpress system
Tech: WordPress, WP Theming, WP-Plugin Development, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP

AppsJhola, 2014
Apps Marketplace. Built Web (LAMP Stack / PHP) & Mobile apps (Android/Java) from scratch and launched the product
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, LAMP Stack, CodeIgniter, Android, JAVA, 2013 (Kathmandu, NP)
My fisrt experience working with a government website. Develioed fully dynamic content management framework on top of Codeigniter framework.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, 2013 (Kathmandu, NP)
A non-profit business website. Rebuilt the backend to allow 100% dynamic website management and administration experience. Built on top of Codeigniter, it was highly modular HMVC Content Administration framework.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Hamro Patro, 2013 (Reno, NV)
Utility Apps with 1M+ downloads . Worked on Google App Engine (JAVA), Mobile apps (JAVA/Android & iOS).
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, JAVA, Android, 2012 (Kathmandu, NP)
Craigslist inspired classified website targeted to Nepali audience globally. Built it from scratch in Codeigniter. A beautiful Nepal's map visualization of ads was one if the first of its kind.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Viewsy, 2012 (London, UK)
Retail Analytics Platform. Worked on LAMP stack, CodeIgniter and built MVP of the Web platform. Lead team of 2 developers from India and reported to the founder.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, CodeIgniter, 2011 (Kathmandu, NP)
A magazine website which showcased their 105+ offline magazines and hosted their content in beautifully accessible manner. My first website which has to deal with Nepali Unicode since all of the content of their print magazine was in Nepali language.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, HMVC, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Kantipur Educational Institute, 2011 (Kathmandu, NP)
Developed the WordPress based solution for KEI's content management need.
Tech: PHP, MySql, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Online BaghChal, 2011 (San Francisco, CA)
Realtime Multiplayer version of the popular strategic board game Baghchal. Built this on Node.js, MongoDB & Express framework. Built REST APIs for its Native Android app.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, MEAN Stack, Android JAVA

Dream Discovery Treks, 2010 (Kathmandu, NP)
A website for a trekking agency built in Codeigniter. Modular with options for trekking packages, booking, purchase etc.
Tech: PHP, MySql, Codeigniter MVC framework, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, 2010 (Kathmandu, NP)
A rental classified site with free and premium posts. Built it on top of PHP open source jobs platform Jobber Base.
Tech: PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

CAMSEdu, 2010 (Kathmandu, NP)
R&D on Management Information System and Operation Management system for Education industry. Developed modular, extensible and SaaS platform for educational institutions. Built architecture of the platform, desktop and mobile apps.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, PHP, Android JAVA

TimiHami, 2009
Social Network connected people based on their reading interested using Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP). Built using LAMP Stack Symfony framework and extensive interaction on frontend with jQuery/Ajax. It's Database Design is one of the top viewed Social Network Database Design in the internet.
Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, LAMP Stack, PHP, jQuery, MySQL Design

PCBot, 2008
PC Controlled robot. Interfaced and built driver and GUI using Visual Basic 6 and VC++ 6
Tech: PC Parallel Port Interfacing, VB6, VC++6

LineTracker, 2008
Built automatic line tracking robot. Programmed in Assembly and Keil/C used AT - 892s51/s52, 892c51/c52 Series Microcontrollers
Tech: Assembly and Keil/C used AT - 892s51/s52, 892c51/c52 Series Microcontrollers

LibSys, 2007
Built Library Management System in C, later reimplemented in C#.Net with MsSQL as part of university project requirements.
Tech: C#.Net, MS-SQL

PACMAN/2D, 2006
Built PACMAN 2D just for fun in C and later reimplemented same in C++.
Tech: C/C++

JoZic, 2002
Qbasic was fun. Built Polyphonic Ringtone maker that could create Nokia Compatible ringtone scripts.
Tech: Qbasic


Community Leadership & Volunteering

Google Developers Groups (GDG), 2011-2015 (Kathmandu, NP)
Founder Community Manager and advisor / Speaker & Trainer

Founded, grown and mentored GDGs (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Burgung, Biratnagar) in Nepal to 5000+ local developers community. Provided hands on web and mobile app development training and workshop to 2000+ developers across the country. Worked closely with Google LLC to deliver latest technical resources on Android & Google Tech to the local developers ecosystem. Assisted in bringing and organizing Startup Weekends and other Startup events in the community. Helped Google launch its other programs like Google Business Group (GBG), Google Education Group (GEG) and other Google product interest groups in Nepal.
Tech: Google Tech, Android, Chrome, Cloud, Google Apps, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Polymer, Angular.js, JAVA

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) - Nepal Chapter, 2011-2015 (Kathmandu, NP)
Founder Chapter Leader and Advisor & Speaker

Worked with government and educational institutions throughout the country to educate people on security practices. Attended AppSec APAC 2012 in South Korea representing Nepal. Aiming to bring and organize AppSec APAC in Nepal in future.
Tech: OWASP Top 10, WordPress/PHP security, Programming Languages, Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), Web Security Research & Bug Bounties etc.